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The seed for Mixmaster was sewn in California in 2005, when Josh Stowers (Mixmaster’s Founder) was on sabbatical snowboard instructing in Lake Tahoe after graduating from The University of Waikato. One day after a long shift on the mountain, he spotted some turntables in a pawn shop’s window, on a whim he bought them and lugged them back up a steep hill to his shared apartment: this was the beginning. What started as a side hobby grew into parties for the local community, this ramped up into bars in San Francisco, elevated into radio work back in NZ, which grew into festivals and club slots then finally evolved into Mixmaster

From these unique beginnings, Mixmaster has become the #1 Wedding and Event DJ company in the region*, standing out from the competition using true DJ mixing on real turntables, real talent (George FM, Mai FM, Laneways Melbourne, Bay Dreams and Rhythm and Vines DJs to name a few) and a real creative vision that many of the generic DJ companies lack. Born out of a passion for music, fun and celebration: this is at the core of the business and what Mixmaster brings to every wedding, corporate function or event.

*based on a survey conducted by Waikato University within the Wedding Industry of Waikato/Bay of Plenty